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Resilient Young Innovator in COVID-19 Era

Within a couple of weeks from receiving our small grant, Bency’s shop is already up and running! Yesterday, she checked in, sending this photo via WhatsApp:

Bency on the right with her aunt in her newly opened small shop.

Accompanied with the following text message:

“Good evening MD, I have started it small, thanks to CPAR Uganda. My shop is in Aduku Town Council in Te-duka Ward in Kwania District in Lango in Northern Uganda. I am so grateful.”

Bency Acio Sharon, Innovator

In Bency, we have seen resilience exemplified. We have seen courage and the strength of a woman who has picked up the pieces and is fighting back with hope.

You will recall that in July 2020, she checked in with us and asked for a helping hand. She wrote:

“I am a single mother who is struggling to make ends meet. Currently, I am struggling to raise money to re-establish my business. I am doing so through farming in the village with my parents. I am looking at opening a small retail shop just where I am living now due to the COVID 19 situation. And to achieve this, I am looking at having a minimum capital of Ushs 500,000.”

Bency Acio Sharon, Innovator

Click here and read more on “Bency’s Attitude for Surviving COVID-19,” even after bad people took advantage of the COVID-19 lock down and stole Bency’s capital assets and crippled her business. Bency, instead, chose to innovate and to rebuild her business for herself, family and the greater good.

Join us in cheering her on!


Our grant to Bency was made possible by a no-strings attached micro-grant from GlobalGiving Foundation and we are so grateful.

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