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Contributing to fighting Covid-19 in Ngora District

On Monday, 26th July 2021, on behalf of CPAR Uganda, four young adults – Ms. Stella Rose Aguti, Ms. Sarah Amongin, Mr. Robert Oluka and Mr. Jimmy Ezra Okello – beneficiaries of our mentoring programme, delivered 25 litres of liquid soap and 100 face masks to the Office of the Ngora Resident District Commissioner (RDC), as our CPAR Uganda contribution towards the fight against Covid-19 in Ngora District.

“I cannot be an idiot to refuse such a special offer from CPAR Uganda.”

Mr. Onoria Ambrose, Ngora RDC, quoted by Stella Rose Aguti

Our gift was well received and apparently by the right hands.

“The RDC is a good person, but be ready to answer his questions,” the LC I Chairperson of Oledai Village teased us, when we met him on our way to the Office of the Ngora RDC to deliver our gift from CPAR Uganda.”

Stella Rose Aguti

In addition to the RDC, other distinguished persons present and who witnessed the delivery of our gifts, according to Stella Rose Aguti, included: the Ngora District LCV Chairperson – Mr. Odongo Lo Asio, the District Police Commander – Mr. Masereka, and a member of the community – Reverend Isodo Leonard. 

Our four young adults whom are being mentored by our Managing Director, Ms. Norah Owaraga, and who delivered our gift to the RDC, are stationed in Ngora District, where they are participating as Research Assistants to our Principal Investigator, Dr. Ben Jones of the University of East Anglia (UEA), under our project: “Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youth as Institutional Innovators in Rural Uganda.”

Our Challenging Categories project is a research and advocacy project, which we are implementing in partnership with UEA and Lira University; with funding from The British Academy, under the British Government’s Global Challenges Research Fund.

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  1. The RDC was indeed very impressed and happy to receive the gifts of 100 face masks and 25litres of liquid soap to help in the fight against covid 19 pandamic in Ngora District, this has really made us feel more relaxed and free in participating in the research study that is, Challenging categories here in Ngora district . Thanks to the Managing Director

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